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Re: Font references and info

Just an update on this font thing...

First I found out that RedHat 7.x uses a hacked version of xft that
includes TTF support from xfstt (yes, I use RedHat on one of my
machines, forgive me). I finally did get TTF files to become available
to X, and I can browse them in xfontsel, but they all look terrible!

And I don't mean not anti-aliased, I mean the characters are TRASHED.
Also, they are trashed the same way every time, like if you look at a
capital W in one place on a website and in another place, they both
have the same garbled pixels.

Fine, I thought, the file(s) were corrupted. I downloaded an msfonts
package and overwrote mine with the new ones from there. Still, the
fonts are garbled, and in the same ways. What's going on!

So, some progress, but I've disabled xfstt now because I'd rather have
my X bitmap fonts than verdana that has scattered pixels all over the

Aaron Bieber
Graphic Design // Web Design

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