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Re: Font references and info

On -3175-Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 12:41:14PM -0700, Ross Boylan <ross@biostat.ucsf.edu> spake thus,
> I've been trying to understand how fonts work on Debian over the last few days, and thought it might be useful 
> to share some of the references that look especially useful and some things I think I've found out.  I was 
> inspired particularly by some problems with fonts under KDE, and I haven't fixed them yet.  So I'm hardly an 
> expert.

Fonts in X are something that I've never really comprehended, and I wish someone somewhere would explain what the deal is with font servers like Xft and FreeType, their strengths and weaknesses, and what about anti-aliasing, and having fonts like Verdana available for just web browsing.

If someone could write a mini-HOWTO on these topics it'd be like Christmas for me over here.

Just a footnote to Ross: I don't mean to be nitpicky but you should either just break paragraphs, or more sensibly break your lines at 72 or 75 characters, it would help legibility enormously.

Aaron Bieber
Graphic Design // Web Design

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