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Re: xine playback is jerky

On Wednesday 09 July 2003 1:20 pm, you wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 10:22:02 -0500
> Marino Fernandez <mjferna@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Do you have DMA enabled... open a shell and do:
> > xine-check
> This results in several "no ___ plugins" messages:
> [OUCH!!] There are no input plugins...
> [OUCH!!] There are no demux plugins...
> [OUCH!!] There are no decoder plugins...
> [OUCH!!] There are no video_out plugins...
> [OUCH!!] There are no audio_out plugins...
> Each suggested that I reinstall xine-lib. Don't you get these?
Now that I remember I used to get these error messages with xine-check... 
apparently it complained about some xine-config file. I solved this 
installing libxine-dev (usntable).

Run xine-check again, do you still get those errors?.

> Debian doesn't have lib-xine; it has xinelib0 and xinelib1.
I installed libxine1 and xine-ui (unstable) with apt-get... it installed some 
other files that were needed

> I purged both xine-ui and libxine1 and reinstalled from unstable; this
> fixed the herky-jerky problem.
> But now I see beginning "Warning" and "Interviews do not reflect the
> opinions of the studio" screens, which I wasn't seeing before. :(
No clue. Can you see your videos?. What codecs so you have?, do you have 
libdvdcss installed?

> Kevin

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