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Re: xine playback is jerky

On Tuesday 08 July 2003 10:10 pm, Kevin McKinley wrote:
> I have been able to play DVDs on my testing-sid system until tonight, when
> I panicked and reinstalled xine:
> ii  libxine1       1-beta9-1      the xine video/media player library,
> binary
> ii  xine-ui        0.9.21-2       the xine video player, user interface
> Now the video playback is jerky (although the sound is smooth). These are
> the last messages in the terminal window:

Do you have DMA enabled... open a shell and do:

I just noticed this is not usefull to check your DMA status... but you can 
check the status of xine; if everything is OK then do this:

cat /proc/ide/piix

I get this:

Marino@lifebook:/proc/ide$ cat piix

Controller: 0

                                Intel PIIX4 Ultra 100 Chipset.
--------------- Primary Channel ---------------- Secondary Channel 
                 enabled                          enabled
--------------- drive0 --------- drive1 -------- drive0 ---------- drive1 
DMA enabled:    yes              no              yes               no
UDMA enabled:   yes              no              yes               no
UDMA enabled:   5                X               2                 X

My CD/DVD is drive0 in the secondary channel (oh, and yes, I have an IDE 
CD/DVD on SCSI emulation); as you can see I have DMA enabled on it... if you 
do not have it enabled do this (as root):

hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc (in my case hdc is my CD/DVD... first drive sec IDE 

Then check cat /proc/ide/piix; DMA should be enabled now.

If so you can enable it at boot using /etc/init.d/hwtools script; change this 

# hdparm optimization
# Switches on interrupts during transfers and does multi sector transfers
if command -v hdparm >/dev/null 2>&1; then
   hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc

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