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I need help configuring Sound in Woody

I have a fairly unexceptional Woody installation on which I would like
to get sound working. I have no experience with sound software either
in Debian GNU/Linux or in Windoze. I have looked at the Sound HOWTO
and find the advice too generic to be of help to me. Is there a 
recommended selection of debian packages that should get my sound working?

My situation is:
1. Sound works with Knoppix running off the Knoppix CD, but
2. when I install Knoppix on HD, it does not work.

When I reboot Woody and install various likely looking packages, and reboot
3. I see an error message during boot to the effect that the snd.o module
is not found. 

I have installed the kernel-source package for the kernel that I am using
(2.4.18), and can find no mention of a snd.o module in menuconfig. 

4. Where do I get snd.o? Or do I really need it? Maybe I have selected
sound packages that I really don't need (??).

My sound card is a generic that uses CM8738 chip. And, as I say above,
sound works under Knoppix. So, I doubt that I have bad hardware. 

What other info about my situation should I post?


Paul E Condon           

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