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Re: I need help configuring Sound in Woody


Paul E Condon wrote:

> My situation is:
> 1. Sound works with Knoppix running off the Knoppix CD, but
> 2. when I install Knoppix on HD, it does not work.
> When I reboot Woody and install various likely looking packages, and
> reboot 3. I see an error message during boot to the effect that the
> snd.o module is not found.
> I have installed the kernel-source package for the kernel that I am
> using (2.4.18), and can find no mention of a snd.o module in menuconfig.

You cannot find the driver because it is not part of the Kernel sources.
The snd module is part of the alsa sound driver package. If you want to
use alsa, you have to compile the modules from source (which is included
in Debian Woody).

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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