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auto configuration of packages


i'm trying to install/configure a lot of debian boxes.

i'm working on autoinstall and i think i'll be able
to make it work.

autoinstall provide autoinst-read-debconf,
which reads all the answer i answered 
to debconf once, and is able to give
thoses answers again to another autoinstall config.

However, there will be always stuff
that debconf can't do. 

say, if  i want 

- my ssh servers to run on another port,
- a specific syslog.conf
- some rewrite of /etc/passwd 

i currently don't know any way of doing it easily beside manually.

i thought about doing it in a script. (which i'll
execute on every machine.)

later including this script in a postconfig of a dummy package,
the sole purpose of this package would be to postconfigure 
the box.

i tought about doing a "bastille" personalized perl script.

what are your experiences ?

what do you suggest ?

what would be the best way to do it ?



xavier renaut, 514 906 1212 x226  

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