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Re: pdf creator

 --- Zhao YouBing <zhaoyb@cad.zju.edu.cn> escribió: 

> OpenOffice 1.1 do can create pdf, but it needs much improvement.
> For one can't set the image quality there and the default quality is so 
> low  that one can hardly be satisfied with it.

Most likely this is because you are using Type 3 or Bitmapped fonts.  Switch
to Type 1 fonts (some freetype packages provide Type 1 fonts or the MS
True Type fonts from the contrib or non-free section of the archive).  Once
you have the new fonts, make sure that OpenOffice is using the new fonts.
The next time you export to PDF it should do so with the Type 1 fonts.
You can verify this by opening the PDF file with Acrobat Reader and clicking


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