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creating deb package of xfree86 4.3 from source?

Hello all,
I am setting up sarge with video unsupported by xfree86 4.2. I know I
can use the install script, but I wondered if I should turn the source
into a deb file so I could remove and upgrade easily at a later date?
(presuming it's not easily removed and not worrying about the time it
takes as it's a newish P4 2.4)

I added to my sources.list
deb-src ftp://ftp.ens.utulsa.edu/pub/xfree86/4.3.0/source/ ./
and did apt-get update only to get .../Sources.gz: no such file or
directory (there are multiple files there  X430src-1.tgz to 

It seemed like a great idea but I'm floundering - can anyone give me a
point in the right direction please?  Is this a worthwhile exercise or
should I use the script? (how do I uninstall it later?)

Thanks very much,

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