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Re: Bad experience in installation


> Take note of Jamin's comments.  Whatever anecdotes you read here
> should not be considered data.

Seconded. No data ahead here.

> I've also had problems with IBM drives, but I believe it was a
> particular model that was bad (it was a 60GB deskstar).  A particular
> model, I said, not a particular unit.  I've heard many horror stories
> about the 60GB deskstars, while also hearing that IBM's other lines
> (including deskstars in other capacities) were great.  Again, this is
> all hearsay.

I had two IBM Deskstar 7200RPM 40Gb drives crash on me. They were both
from 2001 and both "Made in Hungary". Both had audible mechanical
defects. I believe these particular drives are now refered to as
"Deathstar", but I might mix some stuff up here. I'm royally pissed at
these two drives now. ;-)

My workstation runs on a 2001 40Gb IBM from the Phillipines, I believe
(can't exactly rip it out just right now ;-), and is quiet, stable and

Two 2002 IBM 40Gb drives are in a colocated server somewhere running on
a hardware RAID controller: quiet, fast and cool aswell. One disk 'died'
after a power outage (it's happily running FreeBSD now on a testing
machine upstairs, so how 'dead' it is remains to be seen).

I find Maxtor drives to be very quiet and reliable, but I find the
single platter versions to run very hot. Anyone care to enlighten me
(us?) on how the latest IBM/Hitachi drives run as far as temperature is

On a sidenote: what would you consider a decent burn-in time? Any
thoughts or suggestions on what tools to use to stress test new drives?
(Googling as we speak, btw)

Buhbye... Nico

"The computer can't tell you the emotional story.  It can give you the
exact mathematical design, but what's missing is the eyebrows." --Frank

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