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Re: Bad experience in installation

* Danthevb6man@aol.com (Danthevb6man@aol.com) [030707 11:00]:
> In a message dated 7/6/03 6:55:47 AM Central Daylight Time, shri@urbyte.com 
> writes:
> > Was the hard disk IBM by any chance. IBM hard drives are renowned for
> > their click of death. Nothing to do with Linux. I think it might have
> > been co-incidence that the harddrive burnt out same time you installed
> > linux but I am not a hardware expert.
> I just bought a new hard drive, and I almost bought an IBM.  I'm really 
> glad I saw this message first, I ended up buying a Seagate.  Does 
> anybody else have any recommendations--or warnings--on which 
> brands of hard drives are good or bad?

Take note of Jamin's comments.  Whatever anecdotes you read here should
not be considered data.

That said, good choice on the Seagate =)

I've also had problems with IBM drives, but I believe it was a
particular model that was bad (it was a 60GB deskstar).  A particular
model, I said, not a particular unit.  I've heard many horror stories
about the 60GB deskstars, while also hearing that IBM's other lines
(including deskstars in other capacities) were great.  Again, this is
all hearsay.

For desktop systems, I wholeheartedly recommend seagate's drives
(particularly the ST340016A) because they're so damned quiet.  Inside a
closed case, they're literally silent.  I also haven't had any problems
with seagate drives either at home or at work.  Again, this is not data.

good times,
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