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Default header weeding in Mutt

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I recently had a mail exchange with Marco d'Itri regarding the default
setup of Mutt. More specifically, that it hides the Date header and
displays instead the Delivery-Date date. I present below the original
conversation, which can be found in its complete form at
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=193812 .

- - Me -
I wonder why you put the "ignore date" directive in /etc/Muttrc, I find
the Date header much more useful than Delivery-Date, which is what I was
getting from the MTA.
Therefore my suggestion is to change the line that reads "ignore date"
to "ignore delivery-date".
- - Marco -
Because I like it this way.
- - Me -
I usually respect Debian maintainers' decisions regarding to the default
settings provided with their packages, but I think this particular
setting is being handled insensitively. From a user's point of view, I
inquire what -besides sheer personal preference- is the reason to hide a
header from the user which every other single mail program with the
slightest hint of a user interface displays by default.
I sincerely don't mean to cause trouble, but I won't hesitate to
publicize this argument in Debian user's mailing list unless countered
with a more respectful answer.
- - Marco -
Feel free to do so, maybe somebody will provide more convincing
arguments than you did.
- - END -

If you agree with me and can give Marco more convincing arguments,
please step in.

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