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Re: /usr/local or /opt? which is better?

On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, bob parker wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Jul 2003 21:41, Zhao YouBing wrote:
> > for install programs?
> >
> > It think the FHS doesn't state it very clearly.
> >
> > There are some difference anyway, /usr/local is for local group access
> > and /opt can  be made globally sharable,
> > but besides that are there any factors more important which can tell me
> > which should be my dest dir when I install some program?

anything can be made globally shareable, eg:
	mount master:/etc /mnt/master
	diff /mnt/master/passwd /etc/passwd
	-- if there is a difference... you better know why there is an 
	-- an extra account in that local pc

most user compiled apps gets loaded ( make install'd ) into /usr/local/
unless you tweek the install directory

some apps, uses /opt/kde for its install instead of /usr/local

/opt does all kinds of whacky stuff

/usr/local  is reserved by "me" for anything i do "make install"
on any and all machines  and /usr/local is NOT backedup as it too
is already cloned(installed) on gazillion other boxes

only /opt  is backed up   and /etc
	- all other dirs are erasable and i wont care as its source
	is already backed up on cd and on numerous websites

i move /home and /var/www to /opt/home  and /opt/www
	-- anything a user adds/deletes/changes is in  /opt

c ya

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