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Re: what is bf2.4, actually?

On Thursday 03 July 2003 16:02, Duane Winner wrote:
> Sorry to be a pest, but what optimizations am I missing?

Well, some processors can do stuff others can't. Basically, for Intel 
architectures, the smallest common set is the i386. This does not use any 
improvements made to the command set since "then". I don't know actual 
examples, but there are possibilities to optimize branching and stuff.

> What would be the ideal kernel to be running on production servers?
> I'm guessing that I should be compiling my own kernel in these
> instances.
> But until I reach that point (compiling kernel), is there a better
> stable kernel I might want to install?

Have a look at the different kernel-image packages. There should be one 
matching your CPU.

> And when I do compile, what's the best/latest/stable kernel source I
> should grab?

Latest stable is 2.4.21. If you want to use it in a production server, I'd 
recommend reading through changelogs and bug reports to find out what's best 
for you.

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