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Re: what is bf2.4, actually?

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 09:45, Nicos Gollan wrote:
> On Thursday 03 July 2003 15:16, Duane Winner wrote:
> > Could somebody please breifly explain to me what the bf2.4 variant on
> > the 2.4.18 kernel in Woody is all about?
> The bf2.4 is a 2.4 kernel that's built for compatibility so it can be used on 
> install- and rescue-disks on a wide variety of systems. It will run pretty 
> well, but you're missing some optimizations.
Sorry to be a pest, but what optimizations am I missing?
What would be the ideal kernel to be running on production servers?
I'm guessing that I should be compiling my own kernel in these
But until I reach that point (compiling kernel), is there a better
stable kernel I might want to install?
And when I do compile, what's the best/latest/stable kernel source I
should grab?

Thanks again.

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