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Re: Where does Mozilla get its list of printers?

At 2003-07-03T02:14:58Z, Hubert Chan <hubert@uhoreg.ca> writes:

> AFAICT, mozilla uses the Xprint system.  See the xprt-xprintorg package,
> or xprint.mozdev.org.  Basically, Xprint is like the X11 protocol
> implemented for printers.

Great.  Yet another printing system to futz with.  :-/

> The xprt server accepts (AFACT) the standard X11 protocol, and the :64 is
> the X11 display number that mozilla wants to send the X11 commands to.

That's just... bizarre.  And the wrong information.  I'm on the only X
terminal on my LAN, and $DISPLAY=:0.0.

> The "@" I guess means that it's served at localhost (or thinks it is).
> But I have no idea where it got "huffalump" from.
> P.S. you'll need to read (some of) the docs in xprt-xprintorg to get it
> to work properly.

Thanks for the pointer.  That seems to be what I need to look at.
Kirk Strauser

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