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Re: Where does Mozilla get its list of printers?

>>>>> "Kirk" == Kirk Strauser <kirk@strauser.com> writes:

Kirk> At 2003-07-03T02:14:58Z, Hubert Chan <hubert@uhoreg.ca> writes:
>> AFAICT, mozilla uses the Xprint system.  See the xprt-xprintorg
>> package, or xprint.mozdev.org.  Basically, Xprint is like the X11
>> protocol implemented for printers.

Kirk> Great.  Yet another printing system to futz with.  :-/

Well, it's not too bad, really.  It's mostly gets its information from
the existing print system.  IIRC, you just have to set up an environment
variable to tell mozilla what servers to use, and maybe edit a config
file to tell the print system to default to letter paper if you're in
the US (although it may already detect that automatically).  But look
through the docs to make sure.

Yeah, I wish everything just spoke CUPS.

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