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Re: OT: How to get IP address via Samba name?

Todd Pytel wrote:

Did you try plain old "nmblookup PCname" ? That's the standard usage, no
options.  If that still doesn't work, it could be a conflict with
/etc/hosts or DNS, though I'm pretty sure nmblookup should bypass those.
What kind of network are we dealing with here?


westk[@westek]:/home/westk> smbclient -L alum03
Domain=[ACU] OS=[Windows NT 4.0] Server=[NT LAN Manager 4.0]

       Sharename      Type      Comment
       ---------      ----      -------
       ADMIN$         Disk      Remote Admin
       IPC$           IPC       Remote IPC
       C$             Disk      Default share
       D$             Disk      Default share

westk[@westek]:/home/westk> nmblookup alum03
querying alum03 on
name_query failed to find name alum03

Kent West (westk@acu.edu)

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