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Re: Newbie Question

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 01:00:12PM -0500, Abrasive wrote:
> Okay, after loading a new machine with Debian 3.0r1, 
> I've found that I need to install a  newer kernel.  Without the kernel, 
> debian won't recognize my NIC or my display  adapter.  So, I don't have 
> internet access on that computer.   I'd like to download all the 
> necessary files to upgrade the kernel from 2.2.x to a 2.4.x kernel.  
> But, I don't know which files to download, and I have no idea how to 
> upgrade the kernel the 'Debian Way' Once I have the files,(once I find 
> out which files I'll need) I'll download them to this  machine, and 
> burn them to a CD.  Then I'll copy them to the new machine. 
> From there, I'm at aloss.  Any help that I can get would be MUCH 
> appreciated. I'm not new to linux/unix, just new to Debian.  And I 
> don't understand the package system very well, or doing things the 
> Debian Way. Thanks. 

You can probably get away without downloading anything. All you need
should be there on the first install CD.

If you didn't do the 'scan all your CDs' step during installation, do
it now by hand - as root, do 'apt-cdrom add' for each CD in turn. If
you've only got one CD, just scan that one. When you've finished, do
'apt-get update'.

Now, 'apt-get install kernel-source-2.4.18 kernel-package gcc-2.95'
will install all you need to build a custom kernel the Debian way,
which you can configure to support your NIC and display adapter.
Search the list archives for directions; you won't have to search very
hard. If you can't figure out what options to enable for this
hardware, post the output of 'lspci -v' and someone is bound to know.


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