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Re: Newbie Question

* Abrasive <abrasive@houston.rr.com> [030702 10:58]:
> Okay, after loading a new machine with Debian 3.0r1, I've found that
> I need to install a newer kernel.  Without the kernel, debian won't
> recognize my NIC or my display adapter.  So, I don't have internet
> access on that computer.  I'd like to download all the necessary
> files to upgrade the kernel from 2.2.x to a 2.4.x kernel.  But, I
> don't know which files to download, and I have no idea how to upgrade
> the kernel the 'Debian Way' Once I have the files,(once I find out
> which files I'll need) I'll download them to this machine, and burn
> them to a CD.  Then I'll copy them to the new machine. From there,
> I'm at aloss.  Any help that I can get would be MUCH appreciated. I'm
> not new to linux/unix, just new to Debian.  And I don't understand
> the package system very well, or doing things the Debian Way. Thanks.

I belive that your 3.0r1 install CD has a 2.4 kernel on it. Is it
listed if you enter the following on the command line?

apt-cache search kernel-image-2.4.18

If so install it with "apt-get install <packagename>"


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