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Re: documentation was Re: Worked around (dirty...)

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 08:06:57PM -0400, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> Basically the submission process for the LDP goes like this:

I forgot step zero: subscribe to the discuss mailing list. Which is where
you present the idea you're thinking about writing and where you get your
feedback from. Putting your idea on the list helps others determine
overlap with existings (or upcoming) documents.

> 	- offer an abstract of what you're thinking about writing
> 	- sometimes people say, "have you seen this, I think it's the same as
> 	  what you're proposing"
> 	- write the documentation in whatever format is easiest for you
> 	- convert the documentation to DocBook (OPTIONAL: if you want an LDP
> 	  volunteer will do this step for you)
> 	- choose a license -- If you ask for their recommendation the LDP
> 	  recommends the GNU FDL. It is not required that you use this
> 	  license.
> 	- submit your file for review (via email to the reviewer list); wait for feedback
> 	- review feedback (I didn't have any major changes other than grammar
> 	  but this step may include re-writing or cleaning up grammar or
> 	  whatever)
> 	- submit your file (via email to the submit list) for inclusion on the web site

The official version:

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