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Re: Worked around (dirty...) How to apply no-debianized kernel patch to debianized kernel-source?

> <snip>
>  I wrote the documentation 
> for myself and have offered it to the open source community as a 
> "here you might find this useful" kind of document. I was then asked 
> by one debian user to contribute my documentation to The LDP.
> The submission process involved doing a re-write of my original text and
> converting the document from valid XHTML to DocBook, a markup language that I
> have learned for this project. I'm now working on revising the LDP XSLT
> templates (and possibly DocBook templates from a debian package) 
> to correct the HTML output so that my document will validate when
> it is translated BACK to HTML.
a recent discussion on another list I am on mentioned frustrations at
the LDP for many of the same reasons: converting it to the 'not simple
for beginners format' Docbook - which they said the LDP did not provide
an 'example' to get a quick start. The idea of having possibly useful
info, tips, what-not and having so many barriers to 'contribute'. Seem
like they should have someone at LDP or similar to do the rough
conversion since its what they want and will be checking anyway and will
be expert creating. I hate the idea of people wishing to contribute only
to be thwarted by 'process'.
just my 2 yen.

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