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Re: How to use xine to see vcd in debian?

 --- James Ng Yuen Sum <james_nghk_debian_user@yahoo.com.hk> escribió: 
> I have been used xine to see the vcd when i was using RedHat, after i
> have turned to debian, i have xine but it cannot
> "see" my vcd.
> I want to ask how to do to xine so i can see the video and which plugins
> are necessary for me to see the video.
> Regards,
> James Ng

What do you mean by "see?"  Do you see a blue screen, a black screen, or
nothing at all?  Do you get any sound?  What video driver are you using
for xine (xv, x11, xshm , fbdev), and have you tried several?

Do you get any error messages?  (The best way to see this is to start
xine from within an xterm).

-Roberto Sanchez

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