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Re: port forwarding issues

Hi Peter!

You wrote:

>  i'm about to set up port forwarding on a firewall to be able to reach
> some hosts on the lan from the outside. i wish to use iptables prerouting
> rules. my question is, is there a way to detect the port forwarding,
> and/or get info about the host i forward to (ip address mainly) ?
> supposing that the service i reach is free of bugs. as of my understanding
> of prerouting, this is not likely.

Do you mean something like a log of forwarded connections?  That can
simply be accomplished with the LOG target of iptables.

PS:  debian-security is not meant for discussing securing your firewall,
     but rather for reporting security vulnerabilities in Debian packages.  
	 The debian-user mailing list is more appropraite for this kind of

Kind regards,
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