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Re: Trying Again

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On Tuesday 01 July 2003 12:01 pm, Abrasive wrote:
> I've had some trouble posting to this group, so I'm trying again with a
> different mail client.
> Here's my problem.  I don't know what I'm doing...  But about my other
> problems...
> I just installed a fresh copy of Debian 3.0r1, and in order for my
> hardware to work, I need
> to upgrade the kernel to a 2.4.x version.
> I'm new to Debian, and I don't understand the package system, or
> installing the kernel
> the 'Debian Way'
> The computer I'm using does not have Internet access yet either.  I can't
> get the NIC to
> work.  Although I've been told that the newer kernel supports that card.
> SO, which files do I need to download(kernel image, package, etc) that I
> can put on a CD
> and copy to the Debian machine.  And then what do I do with those files?
> Thanks for the help on my previous questions, and thanks for the help
> with this one...

The 2.4 kerel is on the install disk. When you first boot the install disk 
use the F3 key to see the different kernels that are available  for the 
install, or read the install instructions on the first screen that pops up 
when you boot from cdrom. I assume you are installing from a cdrom.
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Greg Madden
Debian GNU/Linux
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