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Re: Connecting remotely to my home computer

On Tue, April 15 at  8:20 PM EDT
"Roberto Sanchez" <sanchezr@hotmail.com> wrote:

>The modem has two options for connection type: "Always On," and "On
>Demand" (I had been useing "On Demand" before.  Is it reasonable to
>assume that the "Always On" option will hold on to the IP?

I usually can maintain the connection for a month or more, thus the same

>> > 4.  How insecure is it really to enable X forwarding over SSH?  I
>have> > heard that it is not advisable becuase of security, but how bad
>is it?>
>>AFAIK, as secure as your SSH tunnel.  It tends to be slow, forwarding
>>VNC over an SSH tunnel is normally faster.
>I've heard of VNC, but never used it.  Is there a good how to or easy
>way to set it up?

It isnt hard to do.  I would do a basic connection before you do
"tunneling".  If you need a windows based client I recommend "tightvnc"
from www.tightvnc.com. The debian packages for vnc are:
vnc-common     3.3.6-4 
vncserver      3.3.6-4  
xvncviewer     3.3.6-4
on my sid box.
Here is how I start a root desktop (which I only acess locally)
$vncserver :7 -geometry 1024x768 -alwaysshared -dontdisconnect -depth 24
Note: that is *not* tunneled.
to bring that up on my desktop it is
$vncviewer -truecolor -geometry 1024x768 -shared callerio:3
and voila!... you type your password and I do a ctrl+z then $bg to
background it and then exit that xterm and you should have your normal

Shawn Lamson
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0

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