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re:Woody/SMP how to set up!

Your going to need a linux development kernel in the 2.5.<x> series to have 
hyperthreading enabled for an SMP machine.  I assume you have two Xeon CPU's 
which you want to have Hyperthreading enabled?  Or do you have a single P4 
which supports Hyperthreading?  

Woody does support smp, so if you can live without Hyperthreading you will 
still have all the dual cpu goodness.  That is if you are really running an 
smp machine.  You might want to search some newsgroups, and forums, on the 
benefit of hyperthreading.  Some tasks are faster, some are slower but under 
linux the information is more rare because most people use windows for the 
reviews.  use googles linux page for a start. www.google.com/linux it gives 
you a little tux and is specific to linux.


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