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Re: PDF viewers capable of high zoom factors

On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 11:42:15PM +0100, Mark C wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 14:23, Pigeon wrote:
> I have a map of the British mainland as a .pdf file. In order to see
> > useful local details on it, I want to be able to zoom in by about 50x.
> > I have tried xpdf, gv, ghostview and kghostview, but nothing appears
> > to be able to zoom in more than 10x.
> Have you tried gpdf?
> I'm not sure if it would zoom in enough, but I just tried it and zoom ed
> in till I only and 3 words fill up the entire view
> You cannot loose much (not sure if its available in testing yet though)

I'm using woody, so it's not very practical unfortunately... seems to
involve either backporting it to gnome 1.x or backporting gnome 2 to
woody... think I'll give that one a miss!

> or maybe acroread?
> try:
> deb http://marillat.free.fr/ unstable main

s/un// in my case... (installs it)...

Well, that's interesting - I have been avoiding acroread because I'm
not keen on it under Windoze. Having installed it more or less as a
last resort, I find that not only does it have adequate zoom
capability for my map, it's a lot faster than the Windoze version.
I've installed acroread 5 under Windoze and quickly uninstalled it and
gone back to version 4 because 5 is painfully slow, but in Linux this
is not the case.

It's also a lot faster than the abovementioned free tools, which tend
to sit there for a long time using 100% CPU and thrashing swap when
trying to read this file - at a guess, this would be because all the
free tools are using gs to process the entire document and then opening
a window onto the result, whereas acroread is just processing enough to
display what's visible in the window. The fact that acroread pans
slowly and uses a lot of CPU when panning, whereas the free tools pan
quickly using little CPU, seems to support this.

Thanks - I'm working now!


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