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Dual head text console / X HOWTO sought

I have two graphics cards, a SiS 6326 PCI card and a Radeon 7500 AGP
card. Having just acquired a second monitor, I am keen to set up a
dual head system capable of the following configurations:

1) Dual head text console. A keystroke combination switches the focus
of the keyboard from one monitor to the other; the usual Alt-F<n> then
switches between VTs on that monitor.

2) Dual head, text console and X. The PCI card is used for the text
console and the AGP card for X. The usual [Ctrl-]Alt-F<n> switches
focus between text VTs and X.

Google has not been very useful; it has a tendency to find:

- Framebuffer dual head HOWTOs. I'm talking about real text modes, not
  framebuffer. One purpose of this setup is to experiment with
  programming the AGP card in text mode, using the PCI card at 100x36
  to provide the VTs from which to write/run the experimental code.
- Stuff about single video cards with dual head outputs, mostly Matrox
  G400/450s. This is not the setup I've got!
- Xinerama HOWTOs and other X-only dual head things. This is a lesser
If anyone can point me to a good HOWTO on this sort of thing, I would
be most grateful.



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