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start up problems with KDE

I am having problems with the new KDE. I installed
debian unstable once before an had KDE working
prefect. Due to stupid windows problems I had to
uninstall it. A few days later I went to install it
agian, I installed Debian unstable no problems. This
time how ever when I go to load KDE it freezes on he
packages loading part an will not do anything. I have
to hit ctrl+alt+backspace to return to concole mode.
They say that you all are up grading KDE  from 3.1 to
3.2, so my question is when will KDE 3.2 be out or
atleast a stable version of 3.1 since you all are
moving packages in an out of KDE. IF there is fix for
loading it when the packages are still being moved out
please let me know. I NEED MY DEBIAN AN MY KDE PLEASE

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