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Re: make-kpkg: permission denied making modules_image

also sprach Kevin McKinley <ronin2@bellatlantic.net> [2003.06.30.1548 +0200]:
> When you do "fakeroot make-kpkg ..." make-kpkg itself runs under
> fakeroot, so a root environment is provided whenever necessary,
> instead of "as expected" by make-kpkg's author.
I still don't understand why that would solve the problem.

piper:/usr/src> ls -ld .
drwxrwsr-x    2 root     src            48 2002-02-08 16:42 .
piper:/usr/src> groups | grep src || echo not a member of group src.
not a member of group src.
piper:/usr/src> fakeroot touch foo
touch: cannot touch `foo': Permission denied

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