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Gnome 2 fonts : weird behaviour in SID

Hello there,

I have recently switched to SID to take advantage of the latest
Gnome 2.2 desktop, being tired to wait for it to go in Sarge.

I am impressed by SID, I wish I had switched before :-)

I have a small problem in understanding how the fonts work in
Gnome 2.2 : when I set the "Terminal Font" in the "Fonts
preferences", I do not see what impact it has on the desktop.

Let's suppose I choose a weird font as "Terminal Font", such as
"Nimbus Mono L". Then where should I see an impact? My terminal
is not affected by that, nor vim (which seems to use the
"Monospace" font, whatever choice I make in the preferences).

I am confused here.

Many thanks,

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