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Sb Audigy, how?

Hi, I consider myself very newbie. I've just finished my first install of
Debian (Woody 3.0 r0). I had some trouble getting my Geforce Ti 4400 up
and going, but I solved that.

The problem I'm currently having is that I can't get my Sb Audigy
working... I have no clue which modules to use and so on.

A friend of mine also has an Audigy card and he has Red hat 8.0 installed
and everything works as a charm. But I really want to use Debian and if
he got his card working under Red hat, then I should be able to get mine
working under Debian, right? My friend uses a module called audigy, but
that module does not exist in Debian as far as I know. Is there any other
way to configure my Audigy card?

I'm sorry for being so "wordy".

Thanks in advance!


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