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Re: mozilla 1.3.1 java plugin

> On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 05:15:32PM -0400, Tom Allison wrote:
>> I have a javaplugin_oji.so in whatever directory I'm supposed to have it
>> in
>> according to the mozilla dev website.
>> Nothing works.  I get that stupid busted puzzle piece.
>> This was an upgrade to an existing mozilla installation that had a
>> working
>> java plug-in.
> Have you installed the correct version of java?  Copies of java that
> were compiled with gcc-2.95 don't work with copies of mozilla that were
> compiled with gcc-3.2.

Actually, I don't know.
I was in dselect and it didn't have any success in finding a package that
related directly to the JRE that was isntalled.

I thought that Debian could install Blackdown JRE as a .deb.

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