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Network not enabled with upgraded kernel, 2.2.20->2.4.18, Dell Insp 4100 NB

Installing a new kernel over a newly installed Woody system, upgrading to
2.4.18.  This all goes pretty well.  I apt-get the kernel source etc, and
configure through menuconfig and install using dpkg.  It installs fine, boots
no problem.  I think it is in menuconfig that I have a problem.  I am likely
missing the part of the kernel I need to get the networking(it had been working
with 2.2.20, which is what the Woody disk had on it).  Alternatively, what
setup might I need to do?  It did things magically when I installed Woody,
found my network, got an IP, but perhaps there is something I need to do once
the new kernel is installed.

System Particulars:

Debian, upgrading kernel 2.2.20->2.4.18
Dell Inspiron 4100 with built in Ethernet
Intel PIII 1 Ghz
Also have a PCMCIA Orinoco wireless card

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