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Re: debian

On Friday 20 June 2003 04:50, Joyce, Matthew wrote:
> I have been using Debian for about 18 months now.
> I like it and prefer it to other dristos I have tried.
> Today I had to install Redhat 9 on a system.
> It detected everything.  A totally good experience installing this
> os.
> I'm not saying I will be moving from Debian to redhat, but I do wish
> Debian would address the install procedure.
> Clearly it is possible to have comprehensive hardware detection, so
> presumably somewhere someoene is choosing not to address this issue.
> What is the reason debian does not install like other OSs ?

What is the reason that this same question should come up in this 
mailing lists every 2 weeks?

What is the reason that you couldn't take a look at the archive of this 
mailing, to find interesting treads related to it that would have 
answered your question?

What is the reason that people (like you) do not underestand that Debian 
supports way more hardware architectures than RedHat does, and that 
detecting hardware on all these architects, and developing an installer 
wich runs on all of them, is not an easy job? (Hell, RedHat even does 
not support PPC or Sparc).

What is the reason that people do not underestand that debian developers 
are working on a new installer, and that it would perhaps have better 
hardware detection?

What is the reason that people who are only concerened with x86 and want 
hardware auto detection, do not use Libranet?

What is the reason that you don't underestand that Debian is free 
software project, so if you are unhappy with something, you can get 
invlved and help it ?

Someone mentioned a while back, that if you think installing Debian 
GNU/Linux is difficult, then try installing Debian GNU/Hurd ;-)


/* You can always count on Americans to do the 
right thing; - after they've tried everything else.
 			 Winston Churchill */
Aryan Ameri

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