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Re: Debian PPC

John A. English, n/OEF wrote:

Debian users,
I am trying to install Debian Linux on an iMAC computer. I bought a set of distribution disks and booted the disk 1 then followed the directions and successfully installed the command line Debian Linux. However, when it came to the x windows stuff, the install asked what mouse I was using and none of the choices were Mac mice. I chose one of the generic mice and went on. Then install asked for what video driver and one of the choices was ati which I think is correct, so that's what I chose. Next it asked for the horizontal and vertical refresh rates. I guessed, and I am pretty sure I got it wrong, but I can't find the information install is asking for anywhere. Even the Apple Specs don't give the info I need, unless i'm doing the wrong thing entirely, which may be the case. Is there a straight forward "easy" step by step guide specifically for an iMac? Or does someone recognize what I'm doing wrong?
Pax et bonum,
John A. English, n/OEF

You might want to subscribe to debian-powerpc (http://lists.debian.org/ports.html).

"lspci" will give you a good idea of what your video card is, as well as other PCI devices.

It sounds like you've got an older version of Debian than what I'm accustomed to; I think the Sid (unstable) flavor, which I installed on a G4 half a year or so ago was a bit easier to set up than what you're presenting. I assume you're mostly just experimenting at this phase, so what I'd suggest is that you add the "unstable" lines to "/etc/apt/sources.lst" (just duplicate the "stable" lines, except for the "security" entry, probably two lines, and change "stable" to "unstable"), and then upgrade your box via "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade". This should get you a newer version of X that's easier to install.

As far as you question about a "step by step guide", you might take a look at the official installation guide at http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/install if you haven't already found it. Other than that, perhaps someone else knows of another guide to which they can point you.

Kent West (westk@acu.edu)

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