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Re: Easy firewall advice

Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:
> I have a stock Woody system with Gnome 1.4 running, connected to the
> 'net via a 802.11b connection. I want to put a simple firewall on
> there, just to keep things locked down a little more than they are
> now.
> Is there anything real simple, user-friendly, configure-and-forget
> available for Woody? I'm used to ZoneAlarm for Windows, so that gives
> somewhat of an idea of how much I know about firewalls.
> Thanks in advance.

iptables is what you need - it can be a little cryptic at first, so try
something like http://morizot.net/firewall/gen/ to generate an initial
script, then you can modify it from there.  I won't hold the fact that you
used to use ZA against you.  :)


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