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Re: freeswan 1.99 in woody

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 05:54, Jody Grafals wrote:
> This is a really basic question but I just can't seem to find an answers 
> I think  I'm just looking in the wrong direction. any advice would 
> greatly appreciated.
> I want to install freeswan_1.99-6_i386.deb(unstable)  in my woody  
> system how do I solve the dependency problems?  Ive tried download all 
> the dependent files from the debian web site and just installing them 
> with "dpkg -i" but then I go from dependency problems to conflicts. This 
> all seems so complicated I know debian must have a better way.

Are you using apt-get? There is a system called apt which has a command
called apt-get. apt-get is the most wonderful thing. Try the following:

	apt-get install freeswan

And that's that. It will manage all the dependencies.


"It is possible to make things of great complexity out of things
 that are very simple. There is no conservation of simplicity"
 -- Stephen Wolfram

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