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can't get jpilot configured in

Okay. I'm at a loss to get jpilot configured into SC.

I'm using the following;

./configure --enable-jpilot --enable-gpgme --enable-aspell
--enable-crash-dialog --enable-ipv6

sudo dpkg -l | grep pilot
ii  jpilot         0.99.2-2       A GTK app to modify the contents of your Pal
ii  pilot-link      Tools to communicate with a 3COM Pilot PDA o

everything appears to be installed correctly, but still no jpilot. In
the scroll though of the configure process it states;

checking whether to use JPilot... yes

when I do the following, I get these results;
 cat /tmp/sylpheed-0.9.0claws/config.log | grep pilot
  $ ./configure --enable-jpilot --enable-gpgme --enable-aspell --enable-crash-dialog --enable-ipv6
configure:17026: checking whether jpilot is available

which jpilot

Any help would be rgeatly appreciated.


Rodney D. Myers <rdmyers@netzon.net>
Member of Digital Freedom Alliance
Amateur: KG6ANX            GMRS: WPOM592
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