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unstable packages for woody


I'd like to install licq 1.2.6 on my woody box. Its not avalible as binary 
package for woody.

Ok i could install it from unstable and would have to update some other files 
(libc) to get it installed.

If i dont want to mix my woody box with unstable libs (and i don't want to do 
that) i could download the source by hand from licq.org and compile it (i 
would need the kde and qt dev files).

Sice the debian installation system is one of the most genious systems in the 
computer world im sure that there is an automatet method for this issue. E.g. 
compile the package on my box with woody incs and libs.

Is there a "debianized" method or do i have to use the 
old-fashioned-self-compiling way?

Raffaele Sandrini <rasa@gmx.ch>
Annoyed about M$ Windows? Don't worry. Try Linux! (www.linux.org)

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