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Re: installation problem on Dell OptiPlex

On (19/06/03 07:03), Kent West wrote:
> hetzel.devel@web.de wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I got a problem during installing  debian on a Dell Optiplex L60.
> >I startet the installation with the disks (Kernel 2.2.20, version: 
> >comcat,woody), but at the point of installing the networkdriver i 
> >stoped.
> >Where can I  get a driver for the Intel 8255X 10/100/1000 
> >Onboard-networkdevice?
> >How can I install the driver during my disk-installation ?
> > 
> >
> I _believe_ that's the eepro100 driver you need, but I also think that 
> the 2.2.x kernel doesn't work with it. I vaguely remember issues with a 
> Dell I installed on a couple of weeks ago. If I remember correctly, I 
> wound up having to boot into Knoppix to get networking long enough to go 
> to the Debian web site and grab a new kernel package and all of the 
> dependencies, and then install them manually with "dpkg -i". It added a 
> bit of pain and about 30-45 minutes worth of extra work, but once I had 
> the new kernel, the NIC was recognized and things started progressing 
> smoothly then (until I got to the video card setup in X, which forced me 
> to go outside the regular Debian repositories to get a newer version of 
> XFree86). My basic conclusion is that Dell is too leading-edge for an 
> easy Debian setup, even Sid. Still, better Debian than anything else.
Not sure I agree with your last point Kent;).  We've got a Dell XPS T500
(admittedly long in tooth) running woody and last weekend I installed
woody on another Dell Optiplex GX100 (again not new).  We bought the NIC
for the XPS and from memory the driver was available during
installation.  In the case of the Optiplex it needed one of the 3com
drivers available on the install disks.

If there is a spare PCI slot in the L60 box, the simplest solution may 
be to put in a common NIC for the install and then install the Intel
driver later.



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