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Re: installation problem on Dell OptiPlex

hetzel.devel@web.de wrote:

I got a problem during installing  debian on a Dell Optiplex L60.
I startet the installation with the disks (Kernel 2.2.20, version: comcat,woody), but at the point of installing the networkdriver i stoped.
Where can I  get a driver for the Intel 8255X 10/100/1000 Onboard-networkdevice?
How can I install the driver during my disk-installation ?

I _believe_ that's the eepro100 driver you need, but I also think that the 2.2.x kernel doesn't work with it. I vaguely remember issues with a Dell I installed on a couple of weeks ago. If I remember correctly, I wound up having to boot into Knoppix to get networking long enough to go to the Debian web site and grab a new kernel package and all of the dependencies, and then install them manually with "dpkg -i". It added a bit of pain and about 30-45 minutes worth of extra work, but once I had the new kernel, the NIC was recognized and things started progressing smoothly then (until I got to the video card setup in X, which forced me to go outside the regular Debian repositories to get a newer version of XFree86). My basic conclusion is that Dell is too leading-edge for an easy Debian setup, even Sid. Still, better Debian than anything else.

Kent West (westk@acu.edu)

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