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Re: problems with dial-up and exim

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 09:40:18AM -0300, Marcelo Chiapparini wrote:
| Dear Debianners,
| I am having a hard time setting exim to work at home, using my 
| comercial IP trough a dial-up connection. After connected to  this IP, 
| I cannot send emails from home to any place in the Internet... the 
| email leave the machine but they are lost in somewhere
| In order to start looking for a solution, my /var/log/exim/mainlog file 
| looks like this:

Good place to start looking!

| 2003-06-16 20:54:13 19S3nh-00009U-00 <= chiappa@centroin.com.br 
| H=hyperion [] P=esmtp S=632 id=20030616235412.GA452@hyperion.
| localhost

Someone on your own machine submitted the message for delivery using
SMTP.  That someone is probably you, and the software is probably
Balsa :-).

| 2003-06-16 20:57:22 19S3nh-00009U-00 centroin.com.br []: 
| Connection timed out

You have exim set up as an Internet Site, not a Smarthost Client.

To deliver the message, exim first determines (via DNS) that the
machine centrion.com.br is the one that handles mail for
centroin.com.br.  It tries to connect there so it can deliver the
message, but the connection times out.  Normally this is retried
periodically.  However, since you are using dial-up I suspect that you
are not online nearly continuously.

| What is going wrong?

As David suggests, instead of trying to deliver mail directly to the
recipient, pass it off through your ISP's smarthost.  The smarthost
will then handle connecting to the recipient's mail server and
retrying like it is supposed to.


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