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problems with dial-up and exim

Dear Debianners,

I am having a hard time setting exim to work at home, using my comercial IP trough a dial-up connection. After connected to this IP, I cannot send emails from home to any place in the Internet... the email leave the machine but they are lost in somewhere

In order to start looking for a solution, my /var/log/exim/mainlog file looks like this:

2003-06-16 20:53:48 Start queue run: pid=464 -qf
2003-06-16 20:53:48 19Riuv-00007h-00 Message is frozen

<snip a bunch of frozen messages>...

2003-06-16 20:53:49 19RjLi-0000D1-00 Message is frozen
2003-06-16 20:53:49 End queue run: pid=464 -qf
2003-06-16 20:54:13 19S3nh-00009U-00 <= chiappa@centroin.com.br H=hyperion [] P=esmtp S=632 id=20030616235412.GA452@hyperion.
2003-06-16 20:57:22 19S3nh-00009U-00 centroin.com.br []: Connection timed out 2003-06-16 20:57:22 19S3nh-00009U-00 == chiappa@centroin.com.br T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out 2003-06-16 20:59:38 19S3sw-0000AH-00 <= chiappa@centroin.com.br H=hyperion [] P=esmtp S=617 id=20030616235937.GC452@hyperion.
2003-06-16 20:59:38 19S3sw-0000AH-00 == chiappa@uerj.br T=remote_smtp defer (-44): retry time not reached for any host

What is going wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Marcelo Chiapparini

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