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Re: problems with dial-up and exim

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 09:40:18AM -0300, Marcelo Chiapparini wrote:
> Dear Debianners,
> I am having a hard time setting exim to work at home, using my 
> comercial IP trough a dial-up connection. After connected to  this IP, 
> I cannot send emails from home to any place in the Internet... 
> In order to start looking for a solution, my /var/log/exim/mainlog file 
> looks like this:
> 2003-06-16 20:54:13 19S3nh-00009U-00 <= chiappa@centroin.com.br 
> H=hyperion [] P=esmtp S=632 id=20030616235412.GA452@hyperion.
> localhost
> 2003-06-16 20:57:22 19S3nh-00009U-00 centroin.com.br []: 
> Connection timed out
> 2003-06-16 20:57:22 19S3nh-00009U-00 == chiappa@centroin.com.br 
> T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out

I'm sure that some more knowledgable people will offer assistance, but I
noticed one thing..

I assume that this message is destined for some remote address, and that
you intend to route your mails through your ISP's server..  If this be
the case, then you need to configure your ISP as your smart-host.  Note
that in the first log entry above, that it list the H as hyperion.. your
computer(?). Here is a log entry for a mail send that I made:

------------ begin of log-----------
2003-06-16 19:18:32 19S4BC-0000lI-00 <= dbree@duo-county.com U=dlb P=local S=1218
### Exim received mail message

2003-06-16 19:18:33 19S4BC-0000lI-00 == xyz@aa.com R=smarthost defer (-36): host lookup for mail.duo-county.com did not complete (DNS timeout?)
### I was offline at the time

2003-06-16 19:23:01 Start queue run: pid=2954
2003-06-16 19:23:01 19S4BC-0000lI-00 == xyz@aa.com R=smarthost defer (-36): host lookup for mail.duo-county.com did not complete (DNS timeout?)
2003-06-16 19:23:01 End queue run: pid=2954
### Another queue run.. still offline

2003-06-16 19:25:35 Start queue run: pid=2970 -qf
2003-06-16 19:25:43 19S4BC-0000lI-00 => xyz@aa.com R=smarthost T=remote_smtp H=mail.duo-county.com []
2003-06-16 19:25:43 19S4BC-0000lI-00 Completed
### Success!!!
------------ end of log -------------------

Note that it is being sent through the "smarthost" router (R=smarthost)
and the host (H=mail.duo-county.com)

To get this I have this entry for the smarthost router.
IIRC, this must be placed right after the "end" statement for the

-----------  in exim.conf -------------
# Send all mail to a smarthost

  driver = domainlist
  transport = remote_smtp
  route_list = "* mail.duo-county.com bydns_a"

# and it ends with an end statement


I hope this helps.

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