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Creating a account with a blank password?


I'm trying to create a login account on a Debian Woody (3.0) system that has no password. (i.e. blank/empty password) As far as I understand it I need to edit /etc/passwd and remove the 'x' from the field after the username (I'm using shadow passwords) leaving a line like 'user::10:10:name:homedir:shell' remaining (or else do the same with /etc/shadow leaving the password field blank.)

I've tried both of the above and tried doing a login but entering no password is not accepted... Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?

(before I get the lecture about it being insecure creating a login account with no password - I need it for samba, I've got an issue with a Windows ME workstation refusing to connect to the SMB server and according advice I've recieved ME needs a account with no password to let it login.)

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