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Re: X

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 11:58:53 -0400
JakDaRippa <jakdarippa@optonline.net> wrote:
> video card - ati all-in-wonder 128 (32mb)
> http://mirror.ati.com/products/pc/aiw128pro/index.html
> monitor - sceptre p73
> http://www.sceptre.com/archive/monitors/specification/p73.htm
> i burned the 1st cd and booted with it. 
> the rest was done thru ftp.
> i chose x and web servers.
> after installation i login and try to startx.
> the screen flashes a few times and i get a fatal error msg saying:
> 	no screens found
> how can i fix this?

Hi.  You're going to need to provide more information than this for
people to be able to help.

During your installation, you provided information that created
a configuration file for X; that file should be located at
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4.  What's in it?

Also, your last X session (or, in your case, your last attempt
to get X to start properly) would have been logged in
/var/log/XFree86.0.log.  What does that say?  If it's a huge
file, making it available somewhere else and then providing a
link (rather than posting to the mailing list) is a good idea.


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