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Re: sound: loading of sound driver fails after reboot from Windows

 Ben Kal wrote:

On 2 Jun 2003 "Gary L. Dolan" <fred1@inebraska.com> wrote:

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 12:28:45AM +0100, Ben Kal wrote:
Hi folks,

Do some of you know more about the following inconvenience I have
with sound on my Linux machine:
 sound works fine if I boot directly into Linux after power-on,
              and if I reboot from Linux back into Linux;
 sound does not work at all after rebooting into Linux from Windows.
In Windows sound works under all circumstances.

I remember having this problem, unfortunately I cannot remember how I corrected it. I used to boot linux with Loadlin. When I got this box
(which is now a number of years old), this same problem began. It appeared
that Windows had a problem releasing the IRQ, so the only solution was a
hard reboot. I <think> the problem was cleared up when I switched to grub
as a boot manager.

Thanks, you were the only one who had something useful to say on this.
As no further reactions are forthcoming I consider this little thread closed
with the following conclusions:
- Windows (Windows 2000 at least, that's the variant on my laptop) somehow
 keeps a grip on the sound card even after it has been stopped, possibly by
 "not releasing the IRQ";
- switching to grub as boot manager may solve the problem;
- otherwise there is nothing but a hard reboot if yow want sound in Linux.

Thanks again,


It has been a number of years since I had Windows and Linux running together but I do recall that I had to disable a bios setting that allowed the OS (Windows) to control IRQs (disable Plug & Play OS). If you hard set the IRQs in the bios both Windows and Linux should use the same ones.


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