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Re: Gnome & KDE confusions

SJ wrote:

I have a weird problem that is driving both me and my sysadmi roomie to distraction.

Periodically, but on a very erratic basis, while in either gnome-sawfish or kde where the mouse cursor shows to be is not where the system thinks it is when I click on something.

For example (ascii art warning):

Assume the following is are the three buttons for maximizing, minimizing and closing an application,


If the mouse cursor looks like it's ON the Close button, X-windows thinks it's on the Maximize button.

And the task bar at the bottom of the screen is just as much fun(?). *sigh*

The thing is that it hasn't done this in icewm.

Anybody got any ideas what's going on here?



I've seen this sort of behavior, but didn't find the answer 'till after I no longer needed it. I've also seen postings about this sort of thing, and the answers provided have been to add a line to /etc/X11/XXF86Config something to the effect of "swcursor" "on". I don't remember the exact place or syntax, but that might provide enough info for you to search the mailing list archives for "swcursor" and get the specifics.

Kent West (westk@acu.edu)

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